How to repair LED TV Common Problem a do it yourself guide

A helpful troubleshooting guide, symptoms of the defect, options you may want to choose to save money from further repair and DIY repair and troubleshooting is included on each topics.

Color Discoloration

Color discoloration is one of the most common LED TV problem ever encounter. Discoloration is not easy to distinguished by a normal eye if the problem is mild. But sometimes it comes really visible. Therefore, if your not really sure or have a doubt about your LED TV color call the TV brand after sales service hotline and request for a visit.

Screen discoloration is not a problem you want to ignore with, it might become a serious problem after a while. If this symptom persist, immediately call the after sales service and ask for replacement.

However, if you think your LED TV is not covered with warranty, better to buy brand new one. Somehow, a second hand screen replacement is also good sometimes but don't expect it to last long.

Flickering Display

It's Christmas, oh I am sorry it is not, this is no Christmas lights. It is a flickering display of defective LED TV. Sometimes people believe that it was happening because, the electricity is fluctuating which is not a reason.

Flickering LED TV display is due to a defective power supply. Sometimes it flicker because of a defective back-light IC or blown out capacitors. You can also use multi-meter to check the output current going to the main-board if it correct as written on the PCB then the culprit was the back-light.
If you want to same some money from check up, here is a DIY guidelines on how to check if the culprit is your power supply or a back light. To do this, check your power supply board first and locate the power IC or any blown capacitors or resistance.

Dismantling a LED TV panel is not easy and it need an experience technician to do that. Therefore, call your local to do the repair.

However, if this symptoms persist and your LED TV is still in warranty period, you must call a TV brand after sales service and ask for a technician to replaced those parts and electronic component for you.

Take note, if your TV is still in warranty period, don't ever think to troubleshoot it by yourself. Else, your warranty will be declared void.

Lines on Screen

Have you ever experience a problem such as the following "while you are watching your favorite TV program, for no reason you have notice a colored horizontal or vertical hair line across the LED TV screen". Or likewise a vertical or horizontal colored bar lines all over the LED TV.

This is a really serious problem that need an immediate action. If you've encounter line on screen problem, the best thing you can do is to call immediately the LED TV after sales hotline number to avail your warranty. However, if your LED TV with line on screen lapses the warranty period, better to buy new one.

The cost of repair for line on screen problem is really high, usually 80% of it's cash price. For example, if you buy that LED TV for $100, the panel price will be sold $80.00 to you by brand service center. However, if you find one from LED TV repair shop a second hand panel somehow is better. You may get it for much lower price.

But the second hand LED TV replacement panel will last shorter than the brand new one. Therefore, if the price is of brand new LED TV and a second hand LED TV panel replacement not much different in price, better to buy a new LED TV.

Line on screen sometimes is due to corrosion that built on screen metal frame. Corrosion on metal frame is cause buy water damaged, animal waste or dead insects. Line on screen problem is very common to all LED TV brand across the globe.

Moving Line on Screen

Moving line on screen is not similar to line on screen, because it moves. This LED TV problem comes either in a form of horizontal or vertical lines. But unlike line on screen it is more ticker and wider. Sometimes it will covered the whole LED TV display or just a half.

If this symptoms persist in your LED TV set, call your TV brand customer care hotline to avail your warranty and get repaired. However, if your warranty period is already lapse, moving line on screen has a higher chance to get repaired and has a lower cost.

Local TV technician can also apply some remedy for lower cost but don't have to expect that it will last long.

Usually, mowing line on screen problem is cause by a defective T-Con board. Other symptom of defective T-Con board is changing colored bar lines. Sometimes an intermittent bar line, which is sometimes the line is visible then it goes away.

Four Faded Bar Lines

Any kind of line that appeared on your LED TV, either it's faded or sharp is a sign of defect. The newly encounter defect among the Android TV's are the Four Faded line. The cause of this problem is due to the mainboard defect.

Therefore, if this symptoms persist, you should call the LED TV brand after sales service right away and asked for replacement mainboard replacement. Otherwise, if your unit is already beyond the warranty period buy a replacement mainboard to solved it.

This four faded bar lines is really confusing, some technician consider it as a panel problem which is wrong, rather it is mainboard. But most of line on screen problem is panel defect.

Aging Mode

Upon opening your LED TV instead of your favorite TV program a switching color green, blue, red, white and black greets. Then you think it might just be a little error and you decide to turn restart it. But upon opening your LED TV displays the same switching color green, blue, red, white and black.
The switching color green, blue, red, white and black is known as the aging mode. The cause of this LED TV problem is by an accidentally press factory default combination in your TV remote to initiate the aging mode. Or either a software glitch.

If this symptom persist ( switching color green, blue, red, white and black ) in your LED TV, don't hesitate to call the TV brand after sales service. your LED TV main-board is needed to be replaced.
But if you think that your LED TV that is suffering an aging mode problem is an out of warranty unit, try the following DIY to help you save from repair cost. Here you need to have the original remote control of the LED TV. On your remote, press exit or back. If it works that way congrats you save some cash.

However, if that DIY guide doesn't help you. Try to look for a new mainboard replacement somewhere else and change it. Buying a new mainboard is far cheaper than buying a new TV set. Therefore, try to find a new motherboard from your local TV shop or from online seller.

No Display with Sound

Upon switching the TV on, the on light indicator turn over, however, the logo doesn't show up. Then in a few more second you only hear the sound but no images came out the screen. Then you think it is just a software glitch because the last your TV is still working fine. You've restarted it and the same problem persist.

If you experience a no display with sound LED TV problem, call the TV brand after sales service immediately and ask for assistance. If your TV is covered with warranty period, you might get a new replacement. Otherwise, the cost of repair is either low or high depending of it's problem.

This symptom (No display with sound) is either TFT (Open Cell) problem or busted back light. To save some few consultation fees, here is the Do-it-yourself guide to check if it is a back-light or TFT (Open Cell).

Plug in your LED TV to power supply, turn it on and lightly press the screen. Remember to much force applied will break your LED TV glass. If there is a visible light appears while you lightly press the screen then the problem is your LED TV TFT (Open Cell). It's repair is costly better to buy a brand new.

However, if you can find a second hand LED TV panel from local TV repair shop, then I think you will save some but don't expect it will last long.

For the back light problem the Do-it-yourself is almost the same. Plug the LED TV to the power source, turn it on and go near the TV screen. If you see a dim images that is visible when you get near the LED TV Display then, the LED TV back light is defective.

TV Back-light is easy to repair but to dismantle the whole screen is somewhat critical. If you do not know how to do it better call a TV technician.

Auto On and Auto Off

You afraid to stay alone in your house now. Because, one day you left your LED TV on standby mode. And before you leave the house, you make sure that no one is left behind and the door is locked. But in a few minutes, you came back to get your purse in living room and you notice that your TV is open. It looks like there is something in the house except you.

Then you just ignore it, since your in a hurry and need to go out. Like what you did before, you just put that TV into standby mode and locked the door. After a couple of hour, you came back home and discover the TV is turn on.

Your heart pounding really hard by now and feel ghost-bum. You feel that your not alone and feel someone is watching you. Your imagination working really hard.

The culprit in this situation you afraid of is not a ghost or unwanted spirits. There is no paranormal activity. The culprit might be your LED TV main board or it's software. Sometimes a set timer will do.

To troubleshoot, here is a DIY guide. If you have an access where to get your LED TV software try to update it or reinstall. If the problem refrain to shown then it is a software.

But if you do software update and nothings happen, you might want to check your mainboard. Usually, the culprit is found on it's main IC. Replace it will help you solve this problem. However, main IC replacement needed an expertise else you will just damaged the mainboard.

Therefore, if your experience this problem and your LED TV is still covered with warranty period. It is advisable to call the LED TV brand after sales service and request for a visit. They might just replaced the whole mainboard to fixed it.

Hang on Logo

One morning, you turn on the TV but it wasn't work well, something's wrong. It just not come over and remain on Logo. You've restarted it but a couple of minutes pass nothings change. It just hang.
Hang on logo usually is due to a defective software or mainboard. Like auto on and Auto off, hang on logo is easy to repair if you have access to the software. Otherwise better to call the LED TV after sales service and asked for assistance.

It is possible for them to replaced the whole mainboard kit or just update the software. However, if your unit is already out of warranty, buying a new mainboard is the only option you have. But get a copy of software will save you a lot.

No sound with display

This kind of problem is rare to happen but it does. When you turn on the TV it come over but no sounds is coming out. This usually a speaker problem or main-board problem.

To troubleshoot, use multi-meter and measure the output from the mother board going speaker. If the result doesn't much to the printed output then it is the mainboard otherwise speaker need to be change.

To point out the exact culprit on LED TV mainboard component with multi meter check the fuse and audio IC. If the fuse is blown out replace it with new one as well as then audio IC. However, if you find fuse and audio IC is good, then the culprit was the main IC.
For warranty covered LED TV's call your after sales service and asked for technician to do the job. However, if your unit is out warranty, buying a new mainboard or speaker will solve the problem.

Standby Only

Yesterday before I fall asleep I remember my LED TV is working but now I can't turn it on using remote or key button. The standby light indicator come over but the TV can't turn over.

The standby only problem is also common to all LED TV brand. It is a sign of defective LED TV mainboard or software.

Therefore, if your LED TV is still in warranty period then call immediately the support and asked for home service. However, if the unit is out of warranty, consider to buy a new mainboard replacement which is I think available from your local repair shop or brand after sales service centers.

Another option is software re-installation but it wont 100% works, if you find the mainboard is still good and doesn't have any blown out components then software will do. However, the main IC may also be a culprit.

Dim Backlight in one portion of TV

I just watching a few hours ago and now somethings weird is happening. When I plug my LED TV into the power source, it automatically lit from the background even I didn't press the "power on" button on the remote or the power key button of the TV.

Light came out but no images, no sound, just nothing. But when I try to press the power on button from my LED TV Remote control, TV come over but some portion seems to be dim.

The culprit of dim light in one portion is the TV power supply. If this symptom persist, call your LED TV service center near you and asked for replacement. However, if your unit is beyond warranty period, buy a working power supply and replace it.

A new power supply is available from your brand service centers for a lower cost.

No Power

No power is one of the most common problem of TV. The symptoms is obvious, light indicator won't came up when you plug it into the power source.

If your LED TV is still covered within warranty period, call the service center and asked for replacement. Commonly, in this kind of problem, technician replaced your power supply board.

However, if your TV is out of warranty, buying a new power supply board will solve this problem. Power supply board is comes available to your LED TV service centers. But if you don't find one, a universal power supply will work well too.

Missing pre-installed application

Missing YouTube app, missing Facebook app, missing Netflix app, missing browser app, and etc. All missing app is cause by either an automatic update or by the user itself.

I could say it cause by an update because some update will removed an old version of software. The other culprit is a user accidentally uninstalled the software.

This problem is the easiest to be repair, if you want to restore all those per-installed application, then reset the LED TV into its factory default state.

To do that, you should have an access to it's factory settings. But the brand service center will probably not give the combination code to access it to you, that's your only problem.

Therefore, call the service hotline and ask for an assistance. If your LED TV is still covered with warranty, then you got the service for free. Otherwise, you need to pay for the labor which is I think an around $10.00 only.

TV Can't connect to speaker via Bluetooth

One common problem is a Bluetooth connection. Symptoms are, it can't search the device or can't connect into other Bluetooth devices such as speakers. This is really frustrating among LED TV user.
The most common culprit on this kind of problem is all about compatibility issue between devices.

But sometimes the main board or the Bluetooth adapter inside the unit. If this the problem is incompatibility, a chance of being get repaired will fall to 0% unless they will update the software with the a new firmware.

But if the problem is the main board or the Bluetooth adapter, a replacement of a main-board and Bluetooth adapter will solve the problem.

Therefore, if this symptom persist on your LED TV, call right away the after sales service centers to get a help. Schedule a home service and request for a replacement of a new component.

However, if this symptoms arises beyond your warranty period, the problem might be the main board or Bluetooth for sure. Because, the compatibility issue will be notice right the first time you buy the LED TV, right the time you un-boxed it.

TV Can't connect to smart phone

Another common issue arising in the LED TV nowadays are the compatibility issues. Some TV especially those from Chinese technology has this issue. Skyworth, TCL, Hisense, DeVant, Pensonic, EZY, Nova and other Chinese brand are among those brand who suffers compatibility issue.

The most recent problem those brand have encounter are the sharing screen from smart phone to LED TV. Besides, iOS doesn't have a chance to share screens with most of this brands.

The good news is, this problem persist the time you unboxed the unit. Therefore, even in selling area, you could surface it by trying this feature.

TV Can't connect to Wi-Fi or Access point

If your LED TV has a hard time to connect to the access point or wi-fi, the most common culprit of this issue are; compatibility issue, defective LED TV Wi-Fi adapter, defective main board, or obsolete LED TV firmware.

For the compatibility issue, the problem will surface right the time you unboxed it. Update the software and firmware of the unit will solve this problem.

For the defective LED TV Wi-Fi adaptor, an experienced technician is needed. Because, they need to dismantle the LED TV and replaced it.

Likewise, if the defect is found to be the mainboard, an experienced technician is needed. Like with the installation of new Bluetooth adapter technician also need to dismantle the LED TV to install a new mainboard.

While if the problem is found to be the obsolete firmware, then this probably can do by you. Somehow, this TV brand made this firmware available online with no brainier step by step guide.

Countdown Timer Pop out then the TV turn off

This is not a usual problem and might not encounter before. This is new to LED TV industry and the infected are only the Android Smart TV's. At the moment, this problem surface to most Chinese TV technology, Skyworth, TCL and the few other brands are among them.

The symptoms of this problem as follows; while you enjoying watching your favorite TV program or movie played from USB flash drive. For no reason a number appears in your screen and starts the countdown. When it reach 0 the TV turn off.

The said countdown has no chance to be cancelled. It doesn't seems to respond in you command through remote control. Even you press cancel button, ok button or back button, the countdown continues.

If you encounter this problem, you may call the after sales service support and ask for assistant or replacement of the LED TV. The cause of this problem is yet to determine. Somehow, a mainboard replacement will solve the problem.

This problem has been surface a few months ago and continue to balloon.

Distorted Sound

Distorted is might due to defective LED TV mainboard, speakers or software. To determined the culprit an experienced technician is needed to check it. But the first suspected component was the mainboard therefore a technician need to determined if the output from mainboard going to speaker is correct. If the output is correct then the speaker might be the culprit.

Using the same technique, a technician will check the speaker, if the diagnosis was correct then it is a software problem.

If you suspected a software to be the culprit, then try to update it. But if it doesn't work, try to change the mainboard or the speakers. It is somehow a no brainier guide.

What can I do to fixed my TV problem?

If your experiencing one of this problem or any other related TV problem. Please don't hesitate to shoot us your question using this form and I promised to get back as soon as possible with our network of service centers nationwide.

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