How good a Chigo Aircon Brand: Honest Review from Global Technicians

Chigo Philippines Product line up 2020, window type, portable aircon and split type
Chigo product line-up comes with inverter and non-inverter models of air conditioning system which is available for both residential and commercial markets. The product category include the following; window type, wall mounted, floor mounted / standing, air curtains, suspended type, cassette type, concealed ducted type, package terminal air conditioning system and a variable refrigerant flow system.

When it comes to legal concerns, accreditation and certifications. All Chigo Air Conditioning System have pass the Philippine Department of Energy accreditation. Furthermore, they also secure ICC certifications which means they have pass the DTI standards.

So how good a Chigo Aircon is? To answer that question let us delve deep into Chigo's features if it pass to Decentralized Global Technician's benchmark which includes; it should be energy efficient and environmentally friendly then it is good product.

Based on our years of actual experience repairing and testing Chigo's product we found out that it's residential line-up from 0.6 HP (horse power) to 2.0 HP (horse power) comes featuring a so called high density and 3-in-1 healthy filtering system as the Cold Catalyst Filter, the Silver Ion Filter Screen and the Vitamin C filter.

Best to describe high density and 3-in-1 healthy filtering system help decreases the dust more effectively than an ordinary filter. It's application of the 3-in-1 filter creates a cleaner room and a cozy home for you and your family.
Chigo 3-in-1 Filtering System

But in order for us to understand and appreciate the feature, we try will look into each filter more closer so, let's start with the "Cold Catalyst Filter" has a capability to transform a polluted air back into fresh and clean air. While the "Silver Ion Filter" is very effective to suppress the propagation of germs and kill viruses, thanks to it's strong anti-bacterial effect. 

And Finally, the "Vitamin C filter", this feature is one of our personal favorite found in Chigo Aircon. It's indeed one of the best feature found in an air conditioning system. The Vitamin C filter will naturally help the growth and repair of tissues all over our body. It also relieve mental stress and boost immunity.

Aside from the health benefits, Chigo products are proven energy - efficient appliances meaning minimized it's carbon footprints that causing global warming for every use. However, the company still keep on researching and developing products that balance the interest of environment and profitability.

With those benefits we got from Chigo Air conditioning system or Aircon, it is safe to say that Chigo's product is indeed very good and green. However, we still need to answer other important question as supporting informations.

Let's start with the added features which include the Anti-Corrosive Fin Condensers and the Refrigerant R-410a. 

Anti-Corrosive Gold Fin Condenser is equipped to withstand the corrosive effects of air-borne pollutants, more resistant to oil and dust which improved performance, efficiency and durability of Aircon.

While the Refrigerant R-410a has been approved for use in new residential air conditioners. It contains hydro-fluorocarbon (HFC) which does not contribute to ozone depletion. It become the new standard for U.S. residential air conditioning systems.

What country Chigo Aircon is made?

Chigo aircon is a Chinese brand. Therefore, "Chigo is Made in China". It has been listed in Hang Seng Index and operated under Guandong Chigo Air Conditioning Co.,Ltd. Established in 1994 and become an industrial giant in manufacturing and designing both residential and commercial air conditioning system to support the need of over 200 countries. To make that possible, Guandong Chigo Air Conditioning Co.,Ltd produces 10 million units yearly of a wide range of aircon units.

Chigo Philippines

Chigo was established in 2005 here in the Philippines with a mission to deliver high quality product all over the country and made available in both online and offline stores which includes MC Home Depot, Anson’s Cash and Carry, Lazada and Shopee.

Chigo Buying Guide

Buying an air conditioner can be a little tricky if you don’t know what to look for. That's why we'll give you tips on how to choose the right AC for your home. Here are they; 

5 Aircon buying tips

Air Quality
A good dehumidification unit and a good filter gives better cooling and improves the efficiency of the aircon unit.

Energy Efficiency
It pertains to the capability of the aircon unit to achieve the amount of energy used. 

AC Location
The location of AC unit varies from room to room depending upon the layout of a room, the windows in a room and receiving flow from AC.

Room Load
The number of people that will occupy the space affects the cooling efficiency of the AC unit. 

Room Size
Choose an aircon that's appropriate to your room size. Avoid Over-sized and under-sized capacity in your room. This will help the unit to operate more efficiently.

Aircon Maintenance Guide

Is your aircon unit ready for the coming summer? Well, let us help you to start your maintenance preparations before using your aircon fully blast during this hot season. This will help you to avoid aircon overheating that will result to bigger expense. Here are the tips you can follow:

4 tips to maintain aircon

  1. Schedule a maintenance checkup with a professional technician to conduct testing on your unit.
  2. Check your AC filter, it is the easiest and quickest way to ensure that your AC works at the maximum efficiency.  
  3. Find a temperature that you're comfortable with and stick to it. The lower the temperature setting the harder your unit will have to work.
  4. Units should also be cleared from any obstruction to ensure an uninterrupted flow of air.

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